System and application functionality

Scan your card and pay

Scanning and payment

Run the app. Scan your credit card. Save it in the app. Agree to keep your credit card data without collateral in the form of CSC, CVC - that you type yourself when you finalize each transaction / payment.


Decide how you want your form to look in your online store / web-based system / mobile application. Care about feedback and quality of your service.

Easy integration

You can quickly integrate Camcarder with other credit card payment systems through our API. Moreover, the system offers special plug-ins for e-commerce systems including PrestaShop and OpenCart.


Camcarder provides the highest levels of safety for for both user and server. The system has security in the form of SSL / protected object recognition, AES256, authentication system.

Camcarder app - Android / iOS

The best card scanner on the market!

Download the app from the Google Play or the App strore. Install and activate your account on the system, thereby confirming your identity as a person. In the next step, scan your card number using smartphone camera or webcam - WITHOUT CSC number (authorization code).

  •  Scan your cards and store their numbers in the app
  •  Make fast transactions by pasting card number and typing CVV, CVC
  •  Integrate and customize Camcarder with your online store, mobile application

Camcarder web system / mobile app

What is it and how does it work?

Camcarder is a secure mobile application and web-based platform platform that accelerates commercial operations made by credit card in online stores.
Download the app, then enter a store webpage / app, click the "pay with camcarder" button, your data is automatically copied to form fields.

Camcarder for Business and Individuals

SaaS model or integration

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Camcarder app / web

Subscription fees for using Camcarder system / app




  • Up to 500 credit card scanning processes
  • Card Manager
  • Integrated POS search engine




  • Unlimited credit card scanning processes
  • Card Manager
  • Payments statistics
  • Integrated POS search engine




  • Up to 10 credit card scanning processes
  • Card Manager




  • Unlimited credit card scanning processes
  • Card Manager
  • Integration with mobile app / web-based system

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